Investment Banking

Investment Banking

Equity Capital Markets – IPOs and Private Offerings

SP Advisors has more than a decade of experience in equity capital market deals, including Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), secondary issuance, and Private Equity (PE). In recognition of our expertise on equity markets, the SP Advisors team was named the top investment bank in the CIS in 2011.

As an example, in December 2010 members of the SP Advisors management team successfully completed the IPO of Ukrainian coal miner Sadovaya Group on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, raising $ 30mn for the company's development and expansion needs. During the period prior to the IPO, our management team led the company through extensive preparation for the deal, coordinating the work of auditors and legal advisors, establishing an Investor Relations presence, restructure the corporation, and preparing the company's management for life as a publically listed company. The IPO itself came at a time of market uncertainty (two regional companies had cancelled planned IPOs at the same time) and its successful completion speaks to the SP Advisors team's dedication, professionalism, and perseverance.

Debt Capital Markets

SP Advisors has more than a decade of experience in debt capital markets and has acted as the lead manager for numerous private and public capital markets transactions. These include the issuance of $ 15mn in bonds for Georgian Railway (Georgia's state-owned railway operator) and $ 63mn in bonds for Crédit Agricole.

Restructuring – SP Advisors specializes in credit restructuring and we have extensive experience working with international financial institutions, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Investment Bank (EIB), International Finance Coproration (IFC), as well as local banks and financial institutions, and bondholders.

Mergers & Acquisition Transaction Advisory

SP Advisors is one of Eastern Europe's most respected M&A advisors and a leader in mid-market transactions. Our M&A experts deliver insight drawn from years of transactional experience. We place the needs of the client first and ensure that every transaction is aimed at unlocking substantial value. Our services include M&A strategy, target screening, due diligence, valuation, tax structuring, accounting structuring, and merger integration. Members of the SP Advisors team have been instrumental in many prominent regional deals, including UMH's acquisition of KP Media in 2011, Abris Capital's acquisition of Rovex in 2010, Vnesheconombank's acquisition of Prominvestbank in 2009, Piraeus Bank's acquisition of International Commerce Bank in 2007, Erste Bank's acquisition of Prestige Bank, and more.

Legal Advisory

SP Advisors provides legal advisory and support services, specializing in foreign tax advisory, selection of jurisdictions for holding structures or SPVs, corporate legal structuring, tenders for legal advisors and auditors, KYC (Know Your Client) procedure assistance, foreign account opening support (Georgia, Cyprus, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Baltics, USA, and others), legal advisory for High Net Worth (HNW) individuals on equity and debt securities, trusts, and more.

Direct Investments

As a focal point for entrepreneurs and business people looking to raise capital in our region, SP Advisors has access to a large amount of the deal flow in the region. Once we identify unique opportunities and attractive returns that are often too small for professional investors, SP Advisors makes a direct investment, either alone or in partnership with our family office clients. Our deal history includes Moreca (acquisition of a majority stake), Beaufort Securities (acquisition of a minority stake), Salateira, Georgian Fruit Company, and more, including through majority and minority equity stakes, convertible loan facilities, and pure debt.