SP Advisors Attracts Strategic Investor for Salateira

SP Advisors, a Kiev-based investment firm, attracted a strategic investor for one of Ukraine's leading restaurant chains Salateira.

Capital raised from the transaction will be used to expand the company's restaurant chain. In particular, the company will open two new restaurants in Kiev and one in the United Arab Emirates.

"Salateira's Dubai restaurant will be our first franchise abroad. We plan to open roughly 100 new franchises in Ukraine, Singapore, Europe, the US and Africa by 2020," – said Yevgeny Ruban, CEO of Salateira.

SP Advisors Managing Director Natalia Kulikova led the transaction.

"The current banking crisis in Ukraine requires companies to seek alternative and creative sources of financing. For Salateira finding a private partner allowed the company to continue its expansion plans and we were happy to assist them in their growth at home and in new markets," – commented Natalia Kulikova.

Salateira, founded in 2011, is a Ukrainian chain of fast-food restaurants, specializing in healthy food.