PRESS RELEASE: SP Advisors and Concordia Tractor Inc. host a business breakfast as part of the "Coffee with LANDLORD" series

April 25, 2017. Kyiv, Ukraine. On Tuesday, April 25, SP Advisors and Concordia Tractor Inc. (CTI) hosted "Coffee with LANDLORD", an information session and business breakfast. The meeting was attended by approximately 30 representatives of Ukraine's agriculture sector and focused on new options for acquiring agricultural equipment available to small and medium enterprises in Ukraine. Nick Piazza, CEO of SP Advisors, provided an overview of the benefits of buying used equipment and the financing options available to Ukrainian agriculture companies to acquire equipment. The second speaker was Harley Adams, the owner and general director of CTI, the largest John Deere dealer in the state of Kansas (USA), who spoke about the broad array of new and used equipment available to Ukrainian agriculture producers.

"CTI John Deere dealers have amassed a huge stock of quality used equipment with prices 30-40% lower than for comparable equipment in Ukraine. The used equipment market in Ukraine is underdeveloped, which means small and medium businesses have a tough time getting their hands-on quality supply," said Nick Piazza. The CEO of SP Advisors added that attractive financing options are available to help partner companies secure quality equipment to drive growth in agricultural productivity.

"This year marks the 50th anniversary of CTI, and we have unrivalled experience and hundreds of satisfied clients. We currently have approximately USD 40 million in equipment available for sale and we are proud to say that we can supply any type of equipment in any price range. Our task is to establish ourselves as a trusted partner and supplier for Ukrainian agriculture businesses," said Harley Adams, owner and general director of CTI.

To read more about the event on the LANDLORD website, click the link below:

About CTI
Concordia Tractor Inc. (CTI) was established in 1967 in the state of Kansas (USA) and has become the largest John Deere dealer in Kansas. In addition to the sale of equipment, the company also services agricultural equipment and sells spare parts. CTI has more than 2,000 client-partners who use the full range of CTI's services, an accomplishment that reflects the dedication of the company's 130 highly qualified employees. CTI has a market presence in 13 counties in Kansas and holds a 60% share of the market in the state. CTI is also a dealer of Reinke irrigation products.

About SP Advisors
SP Advisors is a full-service investment house focused on advisory, asset management, and merchant banking, operating in Ukraine, Georgia, and Eastern Europe. Established in 2011, we have assembled a veteran management and corporate advisory team with experience in the Eastern European investment space. SP Advisors partners with businesses in Ukraine and abroad, including international investment banks and legal, consulting, and audit firms.