PRESS RELEASE: SP Advisors and agri-business monthly LANDLORD organize working breakfast titled "Coffee with LANDLORD"

November 15, 2016. Kyiv, Ukraine. On November 15, 2016, SP Advisors took part in a working breakfast organized jointly by SP Advisors and LANDLORD, the monthly agri-business magazine. The theme of the session was "Risk Management Tools for Agriculture Businesses". The session was led by SP Advisors' experts, specifically Head of Risk Management Alexey Eremin and Head of Legal Alexander Yaremenko.

In the first session, SP Advisors' Head of Risk Management Alexey Eremin provided an overview of the benefits of implementing market-based tools and specifically hedging as a way of mitigating price risks. He presented the benefits of hedging in relation to the attendees' agriculture-focused businesses and provided case studies of popular hedging methods and results at Western companies.

In the second session, SP Advisors' Head of Legal Alexander Yaremenko presented the notion of the United States as an alternative offshore jurisdiction. He noted the ongoing global process of de-offshoring and gave an overview of the US jurisdiction as it relates to running a business. Finally, he presented individual states within the United States as having among the most business-friendly environments for foreign capital and focused on the state of Wyoming as a ideal jurisdiction for establishing a trust.

The session was extremely well attended and included representatives of large- and mid-sized Ukrainian agricultural enterprises. The list of attendees included general directors, finance directors, and commercial leaders from companies engaged in grain and oilseeds cultivation, poultry production, and agricultural exports.

The link below on the website of monthly agri-business magazine LANDLORD contains a report about the business breakfast.